Please look at your child’s attendance over the term. The information below will help you understand the attendance figure.

Attendance Grade Actions to be taken by family/school
99-100% EXCELLENT Congratulations! Your child’s attendance is fantastic! Keep it up!
97-98% GOOD Well done! Your child’s attendance is good!Keep it up!
96% ACCEPTABLE This level of attendance is acceptable, but to get the most of school, let’s work together to improve your child’s attendance further.
90-95% BELOW AN ACCEPTABLE LEVEL Our attendance officer will need to meet you to discuss how we can all work together to improve your child’s attendance.
Below 90% PERSISTENT ABSENCE An Education Welfare Officer will meet with you to draw up a plan to improve your child’s attendance.


Parental Guidance

What should I do if…?

My child is ill

Often a cough or a cold does not necessarily mean your child has to be off from school. If your child requires prescribed medication during the school we can support with this.

Let us know if your child is unable to attend school on the ScholarPack app.

If you have not yet downloaded the app, you can call the school office on 0121 464 3348.


I need to take my children out of school during term time

Call the school office on 0121 464 3348 as soon as possible. You will be put through to our school’s attendance officer to discuss the matter further.

I have an appointment/my child has an appointment

As far as possible please try and arrange all appointments outside school hours. Often routine medical appoints and dental appointments can be made during half term or after school.

You can let the school know of an appointment in advance on the ScholarPack app.

Where this is not possible, please bring your child’s appointment card to the school office. The head of school or another senior member of staff must authorise the child to leave the school. Wherever possible, please ensure that your child attends school before and after the appointment.

I have an emergency

Update the school on the ScholarPack app or call the school on 0121 464 3348 as soon as possible to let us know of your emergency when you are able to do so.

I know that my child will be late

Update the school if you can. Please bring your child to school as soon as possible. Better late than never!

A very important message for all parents and carers

A very important letter on attendance from Birmingham City Council and the head of school.

Whole_school attendance_letter_Sept_2022