Year 6 Maths SATs Revision Videos

The following videos are for SATs revision. Please use these to practise key skills. You can watch the videos, rewind and watch anything you don’t understand again. You can also complete the tasks to check how well you understand each skill. The videos are split into four sections:

  1. Angles
  2. Area, Volume & Perimeter
  3. Calculations
  4. Fractions, Percentages & Decimals


S13 Symmetries of 2D Shapes


S14 Measuring & Drawing Angles


S15 Angle Facts


Area, Volume & Perimeter

S11 Perimeter


S12 Areas


S16 Area of Rectangles


S24 Area of a Triangle


S25 Area of a Parallelogram


S26 Area of a Cuboid



C14a Long Multiplication


C14b Long Multiplication


C15 Long Division




C21b Timetables


D7 The Mean Average


N6 Square Numbers


N7 Multiples


N8 Factors


N9 Multiplication & Division by 10/100


N21a Prime Factors


N21b Prime Factors


N21c HCF


N21d LCM


Fractions, Percentages & Decimals

C17 Fraction of an Amount


C22 Percentage of an Amount


C23 Percentage Increase/Decrease


C24 Addition & Subtraction of Fractions


C25a Multiplication of an Integer by a Fraction


C25b Division of an Integer by a Fraction


N10 Fractions & Percentages


N11 Ordering Decimals


N16 Ordering Fractions


N17 Simplification of Fractions


N18 Understanding Ratios


N19 Fractions/Decimals/Percentages


N20 Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers