As most parents should now be aware every child in Reception and up to Year 2 is entitled to a free school dinner. Please see Mrs Rehman, the school secretary, if you wish your child to have a dinner in school.

School Meals Menu

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If you require more information about the Halal supplier used by CityServe please follow this link:  Spice Time & Balti Company

Dinner Arrangements

Pupils may have a hot dinner, bring a packed lunch or go home for dinner; however we ask that pupils continue with one of these options on a half term basis.

  • Any child wishing to change their meal arrangements must let the office staff know at the end of each half term. Please come to the office to complete the authorisation slip. No changes will be allowed during term time, unless your circumstances change and you become entitled to free meals or your entitlement ends
  • Parents must pay dinner money on Mondays or on the first day of attendance after illness or holiday. No arrears can be incurred.
  • Dinner money must be paid to the class teacher in a secure and clearly labelled envelope (child’s name, class and what the money is for), ensuring that correct amount is enclosed as change cannot be given. The current charge for meals is £2.25 per day/£11.25 per week
  • If your child is running late and is staying for dinner, then please let the office know before 9.30 am so that a meal may be ordered for them otherwise alternative arrangements will have to be made.