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The Hub


Assembly passes legislation putting children at the heart of Special  Educational Needs provision | Department of Education


At City Road Primary School we offer a specialised teaching intervention group referred to as The Hub. Children have access to this group if they need an individualised curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs. The curriculum is designed to offer a broad and balanced breadth of knowledge and experience. There are two groups in The Hub (see below).


The Pre-Formal Intervention Group


The pre-formal curriculum is an exciting, structured curriculum, designed to promote engagement and language development. Learning is based on the needs of the individual child, taking into consideration sensory differences and preferences. Children are taught independent skills and language is taught systematically to promote communication development. Specialised strategies are used to support children who have complex needs. Opportunities are given for children to learn how to interact and learn new things about the world around them. Learning is active to develop expression and enjoyment. Children have the opportunity to experience learning enrichment sessions, such as dance, music and observing/interacting with visiting farm animals.    


     Curriculum attached

  • Summary of curriculum
  • Curriculum overview


The Semi-Formal Intervention Group


The Semi-formal curriculum in our Hub provision has been specifically designed to meet the needs and development of each individual child. Together, using the National Curriculum, The Equals curriculum, and the Early Years Foundation Stage, the children are taught an exciting, broad, and balanced curriculum. We endeavour to challenge children to progress with the specific skills they need to grow and learn. The curriculum has 5 prime areas, which involve Mental Health and Well-being, Independent Skills, Physical Development, Literacy and Maths. 

The curriculum subjects are developed to ensure all children have fantastic opportunities to learn and develop, helping them to understand the world around them. The children who follow the Semi-formal curriculum have exciting opportunities that give them diverse experiences. This builds on their knowledge and understanding. Children have a chance to be involved with educational visits, such as Forrest School, Cadbury World, Dance and Music classes. As well as observing and learning about real-life occurrences, such as the lifecycle of a frog.   


  Curriculum attached

  • Summary of Semi-formal prime and curriculum areas
  • Curriculum overviews for prime and curriculum areas