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Physical Education (PE)

At City Road Primary School, we aim to deliver ambitious opportunities for physical education and sport for all children, regardless of their disposition. Our P.E curriculum is inclusive and adaptive for all pupils, helping to foster stronger attitudes to learning whilst offering children to opportunity to foster resilience and a wider skillset. Our primary focus is on the development of the holistic child, aiming to build a strong foundation for children to be successful in the wider world. 

In beginning their physical education, children develop strategies to reinforce positive mental health, well-being, and self-regulation in order to prepare pupils for everyday challenges.  

In the Early years (learning through play) and KS1 children begin with fundamental movement skills that help develop basic movement, sensory exploration and a range of technical skills needed in sports whilst supporting the development of core strength and gross motor impacting on pupils' classroom learning experiences.  

As children progress into KS2, these basic skills are then transferred and applied through a variety of invasion games, racquet sports, dance, gymnastics, and outdoor adventurous activities to help children develop and retain the acquisition of knowledge. Our P.E. provision fosters life-long, independent learners with developed communication, interpersonal resilience, determination, and teamwork. Pupils are equipped with the knowledge and opportunities to promote and live healthy, active lifestyles. Our learners will be well-rounded and have a range of knowledge to develop and pursue competitive sport in the future.  

Our inclusive and well-rounded PE curriculum is delivered by well-trained and highly motivated staff who have a range of professional development tools to support their ongoing learning, allowing them to stay up to date on current policy and pedagogy. Our PE coaches support, and work alongside teachers in lessons to ensure that all pupils receive the highest quality experience to embed physical skills and knowledge.


The structure of lessons is carefully planned and delivered to allow for consolidation of skills and the development of new movement skills, alongside the opportunity to connect and think about how they can adapt their knowledge. The progression of skills across year groups and within sports is designed to enable children to progress and build on their learning as they move through school, gaining new experiences.  

Wider opportunities 

As part of our wide-ranging and varied PE curriculum, we are proud to offer children in our school the opportunity to take part in a different range of inclusive after-school clubs to broaden children's experiences, and offer greater opportunities for physical activity, teamwork, resilience and a healthy, active lifestyle. Pupils take part in after-school clubs alongside peers of their age from 3:45pm till 4:20pm, led by our experienced and passionate sports coaches. 

Please visit the clubs page for more information.

Primary P.E. and Sport Premium Grant

Our Sport Premium funding is used to enhance children’s opportunities for physical activity throughout the school day (including extra-curricular activities) through a variety of sports and games, with children having the freedom to take part in a range of activities to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.  

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