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Geography develops pupils’ understanding of the world in which they live through the study of place, space and the environment. Geography teaching at City Road Primary School provides children with the chance to develop their understanding of the relationship between the world and the people inhabiting it. It looks at the human and physical features of the Earth and how they affect each other. Our curriculum promotes a desire to discover more about the world around us, both in proximity to where we live and more broadly across the world. It also encourages children to learn through experience, particularly through practical and fieldwork activities, and helps pupils to understand how their actions can affect the world, making them think about being responsible citizens.


Through the teaching of geography, City Road Primary School aims to:


  • Increase pupils’ awareness, knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
  • Develop pupils’ graphic skills, including how to use, draw and interpret maps.
  • Make pupils aware of environmental problems at a local, regional and global level.
  • Encourage pupils to commit to sustainable development.
  • Develop a variety of skills, including those in relation to problem-solving, ICT and presenting conclusions in the most appropriate way.