It is our aim to develop a child’s understanding of the world about them and their own interaction with it through research, cross-curricular links, hands on experience and fun!

Our curriculum has evolved into a topic based approach and most teaching and learning of Science is carried out within those topics. This means that we can ensure that the children have a valuable and exciting learning experience which we hope will inspire them to have a lifelong interest in the scientific world. Because of the nature of topic based work the children may cover their science learning in blocks, meaning that they may be immersed in science for a number of days in a term rather that one lesson per week throughout the year. The learning we deliver is varied and interesting, but still cumulative in nature so that the children’s understanding develops as they move through the school.

Children are constantly developing their skills in scientific enquiry learning to question in a scientific manner, research and investigate to gather evidence. This includes the skill of ‘fair testing.’

Sex Education at City Road forms part of a “body awareness” programme as a section of our Health Education scheme. Our long term curriculum plan for Health and Sex Education begins in the Reception Unit and completes its cycle in Year 6. There are three main themes. Me and My Body, Me and My Relationships and Me and My Community. Prior to any sessions relating to puberty, parents will be invited to come into school and view the materials which we intend to use.


Computing is taught as a separate lesson where skills are practised e.g. using the key board, using a particular programme or researching on the internet. It is also used as a tool to support learning in all curriculum areas. Pupils are encouraged to use their computing skills for research, presentation, data analysis and design activities.

The school’s Acceptable Internet Use Policy can be found in the policies section of the website.


KS2 pupils are taught French using the iLanguages scheme. The scheme enables the children to speak, read and write French whilst also learning basic grammar. They will learn through videos, PowerPoints, interactive stories, songs, and board games. The aim of this programme is to develop children’s ability to learn any language effectively and gain confidence in spoken and basic written French.


The objectives of teaching history are:

  • to foster in children an interest in the past, and to develop an understanding that enables them to enjoy all that history has to offer;
  • to enable children to know about significant events in British history, and to appreciate how things have changed over time;
  • to develop a sense of chronology;
  • to understand how Britain is part of a wider European culture, and to study some aspects of European history;
  • to have some knowledge and understanding of historical events in the wider world;
  • to help children understand our multicultural and diverse society and their place within it
  • to develop in children the skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation.


In Geography our aim is to make children more aware of their own surroundings and to make sense of them by:

  • Investigating where they and other people live both in Britain and the wider world.
  • Studying different communities and their surroundings.
  • Discussing man’s impact on the environment making children aware of the quality and vulnerability of their world.
  • Practising and applying geographical skills such as map reading, analysing data and comparing information.

Art and Design, Design and Technology

Throughout their time at City Road Primary Academy, the children will engage in a range of activities, using a variety of media. They will explore a range of skills from drawing, painting and multi media work to large and small sculpture and collage.
Gallery visits are also arranged to allow children to access the amazing resources which Birmingham and the local area have to offer.


At City Road Primary Academy we are proud of our tradition of high quality music teaching, encouraging children to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we aim to build up the confidence of all children to sing, play, compose, appraise and perform. The school choir takes part in performances throughout the year. Children in Year 4 participate in the ‘Wider Opportunities Scheme’ where they learn to play a stringed instrument or the Djembe drums with the opportunity to continue in Year 5 and Year 6.

Religious Education

It is a legal requirement that Religious Education be taught to all registered pupils in maintained schools. The Academy follows the Agreed Birmingham Syllabus.

Children at City Road Primary Academy are offered a multi-cultural approach to learning in religious education, with opportunities to explore Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. Through the Active Curriculum, children are also given opportunities to explore wider issues e.g. why do people believe or how do they express their faith in different ways?

Children visit places of worship and listen and respond to stories from various faiths. They also have the opportunity to meet believers in school through assemblies. Children are encouraged to share their own beliefs, ideas and values and to talk about their experiences, as well developing skills of reflection and respect.

Parents who wish to withdraw their children from any activities need to put their requests in writing to the Local Advisory Board.


Physical activity is essential to good health and well-being. It forms part of every child’s programme whilst at school.
Children are expected to handle physical education equipment safely and sensibly and this training is an important part of each lesson. The physical education curriculum consists of Gymnastics, Games and Dance. For children in Reception, Years 1 to 6 Swimming is part of the curriculum. They will also have opportunities to develop their skills in Athletics and Outdoor Adventurous Activities.