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Homework will be given out every Friday. This is due back in the following Wednesday.

Each week your child will receive spelling homework to learn. these will be tested in the following week during Literacy lessons. Alongside the weekly spelling homework, every half term your child will receive a new ‘menu’. This ‘menu’ will contain all the homework for the half term. Each week, your child will need to pick one activity to complete in their learning log. Each half-term we ask that every child attemptsĀ at leastĀ one ‘hot’ and one ‘extra hot’ activity.

Daily reading, spelling and times table practise should also be done at home.

It is recommended that children read for 10 minutes a day at home.

Children will have opportunities and are encouraged to write in their reading journals about what they have read at home. This should be done at least once for each book that they read.

Please ensure your child brings their homework into school as this is an important part of their learning. You are welcome to support your child with their homework however please do not complete it for them.


Autumn Homework

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